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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

The EU is looking at a complete overhaul of its Farm Subsidy system...apparently the subsidies are now linked to the amout of food a farm can produce and the EU wants to shift the
"The proposed reform also calls for cuts - of up to 50 percent in some cases - in price supports for soybeans and such grains as wheat, corn, rice. Also, the EU executive wants to replace its milk quota system with quotas based on world market prices...This year, guaranteeing minimum incomes to the EU's eight million farmers will cost nearly half of the EU's $98.1 billion budget. This rises to some 80 percent if regional aid funding is added. Expansion has put the current 15 members in a dilemma: how to extend generous farm subsidies to new members without breaking the budget. The EU has about 8 million farmers. Poland alone has 10 million."
Farmers are fighting the changes because the amount of money they get under the current plan would be cut if the new plan were implemented...

posted by John Branch @ 10:51 AM

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