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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Site Upgrade

As ought to be pretty obvious to anyone who has been to my site before, it underwent some major changes this afternoon. I've never been real happy with the old template, mainly because I thought the font size was too small. After I saw Denise Howell's site I realized I found a template I liked, and proceeded to get the code from Blogskins and Bag and Baggage (I really hope she doesn't mind that I have taken her template). After some tweaking (I like my links on the left, I wanted a box around the header for the page, and of course there had to be the option of making the page Carolina Blue), mostly done by trial and error because of my rudimentary html skills, I have published the new and improved version of TarheelPundit. There are probably bugs, and if you find one please let me know. I'd like to figure out how to change the font, but I reckon that update is for another day. Ya'll have a good evening...

posted by John Branch @ 5:18 PM

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