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Monday, July 01, 2002

Steven Den Beste has a very good post up that summarizes how I feel about the International Criminal Court better than I could put into words...For example:
The one argument that Americans will never accept with respect to any governing body anywhere is to give it power, and trust that it won't be misused. All power will eventually be misused; it's only a matter of time. The reason we remain free is because in our system such grants of power are never unconditional or irrevocable.

The United States will never grant sovereignty to any external court thatdoes not answer directly to the people of the United States. The government of the US cannot sign any treaty thatcreates such a court, and it cannot accept jurisdiction by any such court. This is based on the most fundamental principles we hold sacred about our nation and the relationship between its citizens and its government. We will never give this up.


I strongly agree with Mr. Den Beste here...I will never ever give away any constitutional right I have to any supranational organization...While I don't necessarily trust my own government, I trust other governments and international organizations a hell of a lot less...at least my government is accountable to me....

posted by John Branch @ 10:21 PM

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