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Friday, August 02, 2002

Judge rules against Department of Justice in bid to keep detainees' names secret

U.S. District Judge Barbara Kessler ordered the Department of Justice to release the names of all people who are being detained in the investigation into the Sept. 11 terror attacks. U.S. District Judge Barbara Kessler, who made the ruling, allowed for only two exceptions. On a case-by-case basis, the judge said she will consider allowing the government to keep a detainee's name secret if the detainee is a material witness to a terror investigation. The judge also will allow the government to withhold the detainee's name if the detainee requests it.
I wonder if this was the same district court judge who ruled against the government a few weeks ago and was subsequently overturned on appeal. If it is her, and if I remember correctly, Howard Bashman predicted cold treatment by the government by this judge since the government got her overturned....

Answer (from Mr. Bashman himself): not the same judge. The judge I referred to above that was a judge in Virginia in the case involving a lawyer's access to the so-called second American Taliban.

posted by John Branch @ 4:07 PM

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