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North Carolina Bar Association's Website of the Week, September 18, 2002
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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Look what this jackass has to say about the recent study revealing that the vast majority of college professors are Democrats.
In seeking faculty, universities look for people who can analyze and discuss matters of some complexity, who are unafraid to challenge the wisdom of simple solutions, and who have a sense of social responsibility toward those who cannot buy influence. Such people tend to be put off by a political party dominated by those who believe dogmatically in the infallibility of the marketplace as a solution to all economic problems, or else in the infallibility of scripture as a guide to morality.
The guy who wrote that, Lawrence Evans, is a professor emeritus of physics at Duke. I am speechless. That Duke, a university that I may not necessarily love (being a UNC grad) but one I nevertheless have much respect for, puts up with people like this blows my mind. That is one of the most ignorant and stereotypical, things I have heard in a long time. This guy needs get off his ivory tower and go out and meet some new people. Does he really think that everyone that is a registered Republican believes the same things as Jerry Falwell and looks at the market as second only to God? And this is someone Duke students and their parents are paying around $40,000 a year to learn from? The people he associates with have to be nothing but people with similar political beliefs as him considering the broad way in which he paints Republicans. This does not bode well for the classes he teaches. While pretty much every professor at the law school is liberal, they do their best not to let politics invade classes that I have had. They also appear open minded, something Evans clearly is not. My law school professors handle themselves like the professionals they are in class, but I doubt Evans can acquit himself as admirably considering the bigoted, overbroad statements he made. He says Republicans can not "analyze and discuss matters of some complexity" and are not "unafraid to challenge the wisdom of simple solutions." Horseshit. This is someone who probably prides himself on his views on diversity, but when it comes to diversity of thought the value of diversity obviously stops there for him. Evans is exactly the type of professor that the American Enterprise Institute report is warning about.

Cynic in me: "I wonder if he wrote the letter to get the exact type of reaction you just posted."

Via Trojan Horseshoes...

UPDATE: Ok, it seems like I was not the only person to find this since it even made the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web...

posted by John Branch @ 11:25 PM

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