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North Carolina Bar Association's Website of the Week, September 18, 2002
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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Where I have been and what I've been doing

Sorry about the absence, but I have been rather busy over the last few weeks. Between a cite check, interviews (which frustratingly have not gone well), and class work, I finished my article for the North Carolina Law Review (check out our new website), tentatively titled Tearing Down the Wall: Why the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Should Encourage Information Sharing Between Foreign Intelligence and Criminal Investigators. The work I put into the article was definitely worth it, considering I learned a lot about a topic I am interested in and I had the very good fortune of having my article selected for publication in Issue 5 of next year's volume of the Law Review.

I finished with my last cite check this semester for the Law Review yesterday, and am now concentrating on getting ready for finals and writing my second article. This one is will be a comment, which runs about 45-70 pages and explores an area of the law in more depth than the recent development that I just finished. The topic I am writing about is the designation of people as "enemy combatants" by the Bush administration and whether the administration has the power to hold these enemy combatants indefinitely without access to judicial process. I have not had a chance to research this topic much and am trying to keep an open mind about it until I know more. My constitutional law professor, Jack Boger, is helping me with this topic, and I am intrigued about what direction I am going to go with the article.

Blogging ought to be more frequent now, but all bets are off once it gets to early December and exams start...

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