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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Congratulations to Professor Eric Muller who has not only started his own blog, Is That Legal, but also got linked to by Instapundit an hour and thirty-nine minutes after he started his blog. That has to be some kind of record. I also want to give a prempatory thank you to Professor Muller because he will be editing a Law Review article of mine on Thursday.

I have not had the time to update this blog on a consistent basis for the last few months due to my workload at school. On top of 15 hours of class I am writing a Comment for the Law Review as well as completely rewriting a Recent Development that is slated to get published (I am rewriting the RD because the decision it was based on convinently got overturned during the period leading up to exams, meaning I just discovered it a week or so ago. Thus, I get to write an entirely new article by Friday. Oh well - I'll get this type of pressure in the real world, and if I can't hack it then, someone else will suffer for it. Better to learn how to get it done and make any mistakes that have to be made now.) Classes are going well this semester, but a consequence of that seems to be that I spend more time reading and preparing for class. Thus, less time to spend on the blog. I suppose that's how it goes, but I hope to be posting on a more consistent basis soon.

One last request. I have a question for any readers who were on the Editorial Board of the Law Review where you went to school. Would you recommend it again? I am ambivilant about applying for Board, and would love any advice or wisdom ya'll have. Thanks you...

posted by John Branch @ 10:39 PM

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