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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Middle East Media Research Institute is reporting that an Islamist website is saying that a terrorist attack could take place in the next ten days.
On February 24th, an Islamist website, www.alfjr.com(1) - published a religious exhortation containing text announcing an imminent terror attack, apparently to take place in the U.S. The author signed the announcement by the moniker "The Prince of Philosophy." The message also appeared on the Islamist website www.arabforum.net (as copied from alfjr.com). On several occasions in the exhortation, the author claims that the attack is imminent ("the train of death is on its way... nothing will stop its riders") and that only an order from their commander is needed before the attack is carried out. Two pictures of bin Laden were added to the exhortation, one with an image of the World Trade Center in flames, hinting, possibly, to an Al-Qa'ida connection.
Some of the relevant quotes from the exhortation are:
"Allah is our ally and you have no ally. Our dead go to Paradise and yours go to Hell, and how bad is their fate..."

"We beseech Him and humble ourselves before Him and implore Him to direct the coming blows [right to the targets] and to protect our brethren who went out to meet the enemy inside his own home [country]..."

"You, our brethren, be firm and keep the path and hide in waiting and prostration [as in prayer] for it is only a matter of a few days, a little more than ten or less until we hear the cry announcing to us the good tidings of Allah's victory [coming] by the hands of our brethren, the Jihad fighters. This is a serious matter and not a joke..."

"The train of death is on its way. Its riders are steadfast. Nothing will stop them or turn them back, Allah willing, from the goal: neither the bushes of the enemy nor his weeds, neither his reptiles [nor] his lizards will stop its progress..."

"Oh Allah, this is America... destroy it and shake it and all who walk in its line and entrenches with it... There is no god but you, the exalted..."

For some reason a good friend of mine had heard that some sort of terrorist attack is supposed to take place on March 7th. While I have not yet heard that rumor, it does seem to square a little with the timing of the initial phase of combat in Iraq (Personally, I think the attack is still at least three weeks away, but then again what do I know?). Wahabi Islam, religion of peace...

Hat Tip - Lgf

posted by John Branch @ 5:24 PM

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