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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I am working on a few important things today so blogging will probably be nonexistent. Among those is reading for class tomorrow, editing an article I wrote which is getting published in late April, and most importantly pulling Carolina through to a win in its road matchup tonight against Wake Forest. It will be a tough game (understatement of the week) but Carolina has to improve on its RPI (it's at 56 now - select "North Carolina" from the menu on the left) and league record in order to get into the tournament. That will entail beating Wake tonight and then beating Duke at home on Sunday, and probably at least one victory in the ACC tournament. Personally, I think Carolina has to win at least three more games to get into the tournament. I know they can do it, but it will be tough without a true center or power-forward who is healthy.

posted by John Branch @ 3:15 PM

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