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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Why I like Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Gregg Easterbrook's column for ESPN.com's Page 2 is damn funny every time I read it. He has been on a well deserved rest for the last couple months since football is out of season, but he has returned just in time with his own version of a mock draft. Excerpt:
31. Oakland Raiders.[Pick:] DAVID BOIES, lead attorney, Boies, Shiller & Flexner. In Los Angeles, Al Davis sued L.A.. Now in Oakland, he's suing Oakland. Davis has repeatedly sued the NFL, as part of his hobby, which is attempting to drive professional football out of business. This month Davis began suing individual NFL teams, suing the Bucs for having a pirate theme and the Panthers for using silver and black in their logo. Hey, and aren't these teams both using letters from the alphabet in their names? Sue!
Now go read the entire thing, and hope that the next few months will pass quickly and football will soon return.

posted by John Branch @ 2:01 AM

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