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Monday, May 05, 2003

According to a Washington Post article, the evil gun lobby's plot to prevent gun manufacturers from being held responsible for their products is successfully winning over legislators in Congress.
"Several lawmakers who support the legislation said privately they felt they had to vote for the bill or face the wrath of gun activists and the prospect of losing reelection."
Wow! Congressmen and women actually doing what their constituents want them to do! This is incredible! Sound the alarm!

The whole article is written from the point of view that the legislation is a bad thing and is only being passed due to the prodding of the NRA and other pro-gun groups. Wrong. While the pro-gun groups are a large part of this, the bill would not get the bi-partisan support it is getting if pro-gun policies were not supported in most Congressional districts (as the article points out, just ask Al Gore about that). This is merely bottom-up leadership that is being used by the NRA and others to force Congress to listen to their constituents. Good for them.

posted by John Branch @ 1:37 PM

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