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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Justices O'Connor and Breyer granted an interview this morning on ABC's "This Week." I was very surprised when I heard that this happened. As Professor Muller from IsThatLegal posted twice a couple of weeks ago after Justice O'Connor's first interview, sitting Supreme Court Justices probably should not grant interviews that discuss their opinions because the opinions should be able to speak for themselves. If the Justices had more to say about the issues they addressed in the term, why did they not write them into opinions they wrote? I am sure it was not the fear of a bitterly scathing dissent from Justice Scalia that prevented them from airing the views they expressed today. What disturbs me is that they seem to be trying to obtain some positive PR after the challenges that the Court faced this term. I do not think that the interviews were either necessary or proper. Justice O'Connor's assertion that the Court is not political is very ironic when made during an interview on a TV show concerned with politics.

posted by John Branch @ 4:40 PM

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