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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

CPO Sparkey on the politics of war:

I've mentioned this before: in a war where the enemy's primary weapon against you is the misconceived notion you have a glass jaw, playing games with the politics of war gets people killed.

Sparkey's post was in response to a letter from the front posted on The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. A response to Sgt. Naviguesser's targeting of imbedded reporters can be found at The Laughing Wolf.

Sgt. Naviguesser's letter reminds me a lot of what some of my friends in the service have had to say about the coverage of the war. I think a lot of the mindset behind this, though, is that the media has to present a different point of view from what they are hearing from the military. While Wolf thinks that reporters are seeking the truth in their reporting, what is happening is that the truth is being clouded over by the media ideologues whose own political agendas are more important than reporting the truth. While I do not share the view that the majority of reporters are a member of this group of ideologues, there are enough of them to allow them to have an effect on what is being reported in the media, and thus have an effect on what the American public sees as the truth. I share his hope that the embeds will help with this problem, but I think that until the combative nature of the media is sacrificed somewhat for the search for the truth, the problem of reporters reporting on the military will remain.

posted by John Branch @ 5:23 PM

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