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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Carolina enters a huge three-game stretch over the next week and a half. We are below .500 in the conference, and have games against Duke, at Wake Forest, and at Georgia Tech, the outcomes of which can keep usu out of the tournament for the third straight year. Going 2-1 in this stretch might be acceptable, so long as we win out against teams we are supposed to beat (like Clemson). Otherwise, this will have been a disappointing first season for Coach Williams.

Still, I think the guys are going to step up tonight. The program has been through some adversity the past few days, and these kids are nothing if not well schooled in how to handle hard times. Here's hoping they stare down adversity, kick its ass, and step over it on the way to the Final Four. I'll be in the Dean Dome tonight watching them do it. GO HEELS!

Raymond Felton

UPDATE: Well, it was a hell of a game, but it didn't end the way it ought to have ended. . .

posted by John Branch @ 5:16 PM

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