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Saturday, July 10, 2004

John Edwards v. Bar Exam

Being the Tarheelpundit, I feel somewhat obliged to comment on the selection of Edwards as Kerry's running mate. However, this is all you will get from me due to the bar exam being a little over two weeks away. Edwards would have been hard pressed to get re-elected in North Carolina. He has not done much of anything for the state since he has been in office, and his voting record shows that. People may disparage former Senator Helms, but at least he cared about North Carolina. A lot of the voters here feel like Edwards has used North Carolina like the girlfriend who helps her boyfriend through the toughest times of his life and then is dumped for a more flashy girl as soon he gets back on his feet. He snookered the eastern half of the state last time around. I wonder if he can do it nationwide this time.

This is probably going to be it until late July. As if ya'll didn't know already - studying for the bar exam sucks. We are supposed to memorize a few thousand pages of material, and whether we pass could depend on our ability to quote a few words from one line out of all that material. I wish I had those plugs that Keanu Reeves had in the Matrix so that I can just download the material I need to learn to my brain.

It's enough to drive a man to drink the hard stuff, except I have to be back in the library early every morning. . . .

Erskine Bowles, on the other hand, does not seem to agree with my assessment of Edwards's popularity in North Carolina.

posted by John Branch @ 2:15 PM

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