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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just in case there are still readers of this blog . . .

I have not posted anything here since late July. There have been several reasons, but the lack of posts has largely been due to my studying for the bar exam, moving to western Virginia, and my clerkship with Senior U.S. District Court Judge Glen Williams. As a clerk, I am not supposed to take part in any "partisan political activity," or anything else that might create an appearance of impropriety. Thus, I am not going to offer anything in the area of punditry through at least next summer. I do, however, want to post some pictures of the area from time to time. I am living in Bristol, VA, and working in Abingdon, VA, and have to say that the mountains of Virginia are some of the most beautiful country this North Carolina boy has ever visited. The leaves are going to change soon (they have already started to change on one of the trees in my front yard), and I want to post some pictures of them as the season progresses. Since I no longer have free space at UNC, if anyone can tell me where I can get my pictures hosted, I would really appreciate it.

Best of luck for all those law students out there. If I made it, ya'll definitely can.

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