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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mixed emotions on Sammy

Sammy Sosa's time as a Cub is coming to a bitter conlcusion. He has meant a great deal to the city and to Cub fans everywhere. His chase for the record with McGuire saved baseball in the late 1990s, and his slugging was no small part of the Cub playoff runs that year and in 2003. However, his attitude had become a hindrance to team spirit, and the time for him to move on has apparently arrived. At least he'll be in the AL with the Orioles instead of in the NL to wreak havoc on the Cubs several times a year. While I support Hendry's decision to make the move, I'm disheartened that the Cubs are only getting Hairston and two minor league players for such a great player. Also, I will be interested in seeing if the Cubs pick up a slugger. Losing the offensive production Of Sosa after also losing Alou will be hard to replace. They accounted for 74 HRs and 186 RBIs in 2004 (Alou had 39 HRs and 106 RBIs to Sosa's 35 HRs and 80 RBIs) and that is a lot of production to replace. The Cubs haven't added enough power to replace Alou, and now they have to replace Sosa's as well. Good luck. (Don't get me start on the fiasco which led Steve Stone out of the Cub broadcasting booth. For that reason alone, I was fine with seeing Alou leave town.)

As an aside, Mr. Mariotti was guilty of overstatement a moment ago on ESPN when he said that there is no one in Chicago today who is sad to see Sosa go. That's as overreaching as it gets.

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