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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wolfpack woes

I am truly at a loss for the state of affairs of NC State hoops. Tonight, another home loss. The Wolfpack are depleted this year, and I hope everyone bears that in mind. The loss of Melvin from last year's squad has been huge. That said, the Wolfpack find themselves sitting in 9th in the ACC. They'll need a strong finish to make the NCAA Tournament. Yes, I know some think it's too early to talk about March Madness, but in this case I'll make an exception.

NCSU has two games with UNC and two games with Wake Forest remaining. No one would be shocked if they lost all four contests. If that occurs, they'll have 8 conference losses (and 11 overall), assuming they win every other game. Don't shoot me, but I think that is a definite possibility. They have winnable road contests with Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Virginia and home games with Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia Tech. That would make them 18-11 (8-8). Do I honestly think they will finish the year that way? No, and even if they did, at 18-11 I think they fall short of the NCAAs without winning a few games in DC at the ACC Tournament.

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