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Friday, February 25, 2005

Chaney needs to go

I can probably count the occasions in which I've agreed with Gregg Doyel over the years on two hands. I'm moving to my toes now. (Same is true with Andy Katz (no link b/c his article is on ESPN Insider).) Temple coach John Chaney needs to be removed from his position. It is more than reprehensible for a man in his position to act in the way he is acting. I would not keep him on my bench. Look at his record - a threat to kill John Calipari when Calipari coached at UMass, his comments a few weeks ago about the 2004 vote in Ohio, and then the most recent use of goons that has left a player for St. Joseph's with an injury.

The most recent events have transpired as follows. Chaney claimed St. Joseph's was setting illegal screens. His response was to send in a seldom used player with the sole intent of committing hard fouls. A St. Joseph's player was injured (at the time it was thought to be a bruised elbow). Chaney realized that he had snapped and imposed a suspension on himself for his actions. The player turned out to have a broken arm. The suspension of Chaney was enlarged (from this link, listen to St. Joseph's coach Martelli's comments...I am not a big Martelli fan but he acts with class here).

Chnaey has had a fine career and for his coaching is a hall of famer. That said, he's lost it. His teams the past few years have not been very good (13-11 this year, 15-14 last year). (Yes, I know he's in second place in his division of the A-10, but the A-10 is miserable.) He's losing control of his emotions too much and now it has cost a player dearly. I wonder if a savvy lawyer finds a way to file suit here for the St. Joe's kid. Is a player impliedly consenting to hard fouls from goons like the one that caused the injury? I think it's a losing argument, but it could be made...and could help push Mr. Chaney out the door.

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