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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I would like to start things off today by tipping my cap to the men in Chapel Hill who are trying to raise money for the tsunami relief efforts. By the way, Coach Smith will be the featured guest at the fundraising dinner.

Would someone explain what happened to the Terps last night? CLEMSON?! Are you serious? Note that the poll on www.washingtonpost.com has UNC the leading vote-getter when asked, "Who is your early pick to run through the tournament to win the NCAA championship?" (For the record, I didn't vote because I don't want to jinx anything.

What will I do tonight when faced with the dilemma of watching either the State of the Union or the Duke-Wake game? Times like these I wish I had two TVs stacked on top of one another. I'll try to have a lengthy piece up tomorrow on Rhodenhiser Brief about the speech.

Selig gave his approval to the Sosa trade today.

Not the greatest signing day ever for the Tarheels, but considering the uncertainty all year regarding Bunting's job security and the fact UNC is not a Top 25 program, I can't really complain. By the way, another UNC football player has been charged with marijuana possession by UNC campus cops. Of note, he was driving a car owned by one of the players already suspended for a marijuana-related legal problem in fall 2004. At what point do people learn? I wonder what the "vehicle equipment violation" was that led to the stop? If I hear anything, I'll pass it on. Irony coming...I'm posting this story about pot at 4:20...what are the odds?

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