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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Iraqi Election Results

Patrick Ruffini has an excellent map and analysis of the Iraqi election results up on his site. Patrick makes a good argument that, contrary to some critics of the election, it was a victory for a liberal Iraq due to the Shia-coalition being too "broad-based to pursue any narrow agenda," and the Kurdish coalition being at least as broad-based (he points out that the Kurdish coalition is a coalition of two parties that once fought a civil war against each other). Also, no party got anywhere near the 2/3 majority needed to be the dominant party, so coalition-building will have to occur before the constitution is passed.

The map is worth the time spent opening his blog. It shows the different regions of Iraq and the party which garnered a plurality of the vote. It also shows the party that came in second place, and the percentage of the vote that the first-place and second-place parties received. For example, many of the Kurdish regions voted for the Kurdish Alliance by more than 90%, but the Shiite regions tended to give the Shiite coalition under 80% of the vote.

posted by John Branch @ 12:10 PM

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