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Friday, February 18, 2005

Romney in SC

Mitt Romey, Republican governor of Massachusetts, is giving a speech to party activists in South Carolina on Monday.
The speech, which some view as Romney's first step toward a bid for the White House, is expected to draw hundreds of GOP members to Spartanburg, including most of the state's Republican elite. South Carolina holds the first major Southern presidential primary.

Romney supporters have spent months quietly easing the way for his introduction to the key state, donating lavishly to GOP candidates and county committees. South Carolina political observers suggest he will arrive to a warm and open-minded audience. . . .

In addition, Romney's recent announcement in The New York Times that he would oppose human embryonic stem-cell research that involves therapeutic cloning was noticed among South Carolina Republicans, and some say it will bolster his image among abortion opponents.
Romney seems to clearly be testing the waters for '08. Can a Mormon Massachusetts governor win the Republican nomination for president, especially one who is not avowedly pro-life? Romney's opposition to embryonic stem-cell research has played well among conservatives, but that same constituency will want further assurences on the abortion issue.

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UPDATE: More on Romney's visit can be found here.

posted by John Branch @ 3:18 PM

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