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Thursday, February 03, 2005


A few quick opinions on the SOTU. First, I think it was one of President Bush's best speeches. It didn't bore me to tears, as most SOTUs tend to do, and it was not too long. I wonder how the Social Security section will poll---it constituted a substantial portion of the speech (10ish minutes), and there was a lot of detail there. It seems like Bush was trying to bypass the pundits and take the case for reform to the American people.

Like many people, the hug was emotional for me. It was easily the most memorable part of the speech. I also enjoyed the wink the President gave Justice Breyer---though an argument could be made that Breyer has not been an activist this Supreme Court term with his attempted save of the Guidelines in Booker and Fanfan. All in all, it was a good speech, which counts as an A in Bush's book considering he will not be remembered as one of history's great orators.

I agree with Stephen Green about the Democrat's response. I couldn't look away from Pelosi's eyebrows---are those things real (and if they aren't, why on earth would someone intentionally make them look like that)? Lame. They should have gotten Dean to do the response. The "Birth Tax" concept was interesting. I wonder if it will catch on.

posted by John Branch @ 11:27 AM

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