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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We have a Jackie Manuel sighting!

Posse One en route to Chapel Hill for the Virginia game.

My favorite submission, by mtnlaurel56:

You fellas probably don't know this, but Jackie had a show during Fashion Week, recently concluded in NYC (did you go, MH?). He's doing shoes - Manuelos, of course - which have already been spotted on the Gwens (Paltrow and Stefani) and the Jens (Aniston, Lopez, and Garner). He opens a new factory in Milan between the State and MD games.

Of course, he also served as consultant for the retro uniforms.

"The short shorts were just not stylin'," he stated matter-of factly. "At my insistence, Nike added a few inches to the hems. You can't play lockdown D in hot pants."

Wisdom for the ages.

UPDATE: You probably won't get this if you didn't graduate from Carolina within the past few years. Check out this DTH article if you want an explanation of Jackie Manuel's posse.

UPDATE 2: If you are looking for a Jackie Manuel Has a Posse t-shirt, check out School Kids Records in Chapel Hill. I picked one up from there a couple of weeks ago.

posted by John Branch @ 1:54 PM

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