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Friday, February 25, 2005

Why I hate professional sports

This just plain stinks. Don't bother putting the Panthers on your list of potential Super Bowl teams for next season. This will be a very difficult loss for the Cats. Not only was Moose a fantastic receiver (I'd say among the NFL's 5 best), he's the best run blocker of the elite WRs. For an offense like Carolina's that is invaluable. Steve Smith is a big play guy - but only if a reliable guy like Moose is on the other side. Smith can't block well and has no size. The kid from USC, Colbert, will be a good player, but he's not at the level of Moose. In Moose's first season as a full-time starter, he had more catches and touchdowns that Colbert had this year. If the Panthers plan on having Colbert, Smith, and Phoehl as the receiving corps, then it'll be a long year. Only if Davis runs with the success of 2003-2004 will the Panthers be able to cover the loss of Muhammad. (And, I don't see that happening.)

The NFL is a farce to me much because players and teams get hosed if the players perform well. I perfer college ball anyway, and here's reason 473 why that is the case.

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