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Monday, March 21, 2005

CBS notes

CBS doesn't have any liberal bias now that Rather is gone, right? Ha! I watched the Ed Bradley story about guns on 60 Minutes (I realize I was likely the youngest viewer). Unbelieveable propaganda for the anti-gun lobby. Clearly, the story has two purposes. First, to help outlaw the 50 caliber rifle; and second, to lead to a federal gun registration movement. Right it down, there will not be a federal gun registration database anytime in the near future. For that matter, when the day comes that one is implemented you may count me among the shocked.

See the NRA's thoughts on the 50 caliber rifle, here. No word on comment on this particular CBS story as of yet.

On a brighter note, the Spring Break Shark Attack movie was entertaining. Personally, I'm glad I won't see the ads for it during basketball games anymore. This movie was no train wreck, it was much higher quality than Mansquito, but some scenes were hokey - like the windsurfer who went straight into the jaws of a shark. Overall, I liked it.

Best visual from the NCAA Tournament in Charlotte? Had to be this UNC fan expressing his thoughts about Billy Packer.

Has anyone noticed the number of Duke grads calling the NCAA games? Jay Bilas was there. Seth Davis was there. Mike Gminski. Jim Spanarkel. Maryland is represented by Bonnie Bernstein (remember what Coach Roy said to her about UNC?) and Len Elmore. Of course, Wake Forest has Mr. Packer. Where are our UNC folks? Mr. Daugherty? Mr. Worthy? Mr. Doherty? We need some reinforcements here.

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