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Monday, March 07, 2005

Cronkite, Rather, and Schieffer

Walter Cronkite has done it again. He was once the most respected man in the country. However, the time for him to stay quiet has come. In October he stepped over the line. Someone should have politely asked him to stay out of the public eye after his unfathomable comments about Rove and bin Laden. However, he is still adding his two cents. Now, he's attacked his replacement at the CBS newsdesk, Dan Rather. Is that really necessary? Other people could safely make the comments about Rather and Scheiffer, but when you are Walter Cronkite (Mr. CBS News) you are the only man who should not comment on the topic. It is sad to see a great figure in the process of wrecking his own name as he fades into the background. For the younger generations who don't have any personal memories of Mr. Cronkite in his prime, these incidents are the impressions that will define him. That is a sad ending to a great career.

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