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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fiscal Conservatism and the Governors

The Cato Institute has announced the grade reports for the nation's governors. The report grades the governors on their fiscal conservatism. For the full analsyis, see the PA in full. The only governors receiving an A were Bill Owens (R-Colorado), Judy Martz (R-Montana), Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-California), and Craig Benson (R-New Hampshire). Governor Schwarzenegger has the highest grading (84).

Of note are some presidential hopefuls for the two parties and NC's own. Jeb Bush (R-Florida), George Pataki (R-New York), Bill Richardson (D-New Mexico), and Phil Bredesen (D-Tennessee) scored a B. Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts), Michael Easley (D-North Carolina), and Tom Vilsack (D-Iowa) scored a C. Governor Richardson was the most fiscally conservative Democrat - something that bodes well for his 2008 candidacy and showcases his roots in the old guard of Bill (not Hillary) Clintonites. Romney's numbers will not help his hopes within the GOP.

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