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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hey! Mansquito!

Corin Nemec (the star of Parker Lewis Can't Lose) is testing the Parker Lewis theory in his new SciFi film Mansquito. The jury is still out, but my guess is that we will learn that Parker Lewis can lose. That said, Nemec himself is convinced of the appeal of this new horror flick. I see some upside.

When watching this movie a few days ago, I opined, "This is the greatest worst movie I have ever seen." I stand by that statement. The movie is certainly a B-movie horror flick (like they made in the good old days). You have to see it for yourself. Any movie with a man-sized mosquito (that is apparently immune to bullets) walking around on a quest for blood has to be a winner, right? To be clear - it's a bad film, it's so bad it's good.

posted by Rhodenhiser @ 2:37 PM

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