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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nazis. I hate these guys...

When it comes to Nazis, Eugene Volokh apparently comes down on the side of Indiana Jones:
[A] white supremacist e-mailed me, and let's just say that I wasn't overly friendly to him. . . . [T[his is America and I'm not going to be nice to Nazis to try to get them to go away.

So, yeah, we're Jews. Yeah, we're overrepresented on university faculties, in law and medicine, in the Senate, on the Supreme Court. Speaking of Nazis, we were overrepresented on the Manhattan Project, too.

The most powerful country in the world, America, is one of the ones that has been most open to Jews. Look at the most anti-Semitic countries in recent history: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Arab world. Right up there at the forefront of civilization and power, aren't they? Is it all the workings of The Conspiracy? Or is it just that the sorts of idiots who hate Jews do other idiotic things, too?
Hat tip: Instapundit

posted by John Branch @ 8:22 AM

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