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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

That Stings

Buzz Peterson's firing in Knoxville came as a surprise to many. While he had not taken them to the heights of college basketball, who has? Buzz himself thought his job was safe after defeating the Razorbacks in Atlanta. It sounds like the UT folks were less than frank with Mr. Peterson. Adding insult to injury was the fact that UT had hired a company to conduct a coaching search weeks before they told Buzz of his fate. So, they knew all along that they were firing him? As Coach Smith pointed out, it's all a matter of how you treat people. Hiring the consultant before firing the coach angers me, so it comes as no big surprise that it infuriated Mr. Peterson. (I like how Buzz gives the honest assessment that the UT job ranks between 6th and 8th best in the SEC and the facilities are substandard.) With rumors flying that Chris Lofton (record-setting 3-point shooter) may transfer now that Buzz is gone, it'll be another long campaign for the Vols in 2005-2006. Here's hoping Buzz finds a new gig with a better employer.

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