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Monday, March 28, 2005

Update on the WXII golf coverage

Here in the Triad, WXII, in its infinite wisdom, stopped airing NBC's live coverage of the final round of the TPC in order to show Oprah's interview with Lisa Marie Presley at 4:00. Are you bleeping serious?! You cannot be serious! "Yadda yadda, yeah my Dad was famous, he died, I have no talent, I kissed Jacko, my life sucks." We know the story! Show the dadgum golf tournament. There has been no explanation from WXII for this decision, and attempts to contact the station for comment were unsuccessful.

5:10 Update: I finally received a response from the front desk at WXII. They have received a lot of calls today from unhappy viewers. The management has not given a reason for not airing the golf. At this time, the leaders are on the final four holes - a fun stretch in today's winds at Sawgrass. However, WXII, in that infinite wisdom I mentioned earlier, is showing the first half hour of 1.5 consecutive hours of local news! Aaaarrggghhhh!

5:20 Update: WXII will show extended highlights at 11. Gee, thanks. Maybe the golf won't be over when NBC gets control back at 6:30.

posted by Rhodenhiser @ 5:40 PM

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