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Monday, April 18, 2005

Kevin Garnett

Straight Bangin' has a long post on Kevin Garnett. Joey is writing several pieces on the NBA this week in the run-up to the playoffs. Yes, I know some of you don't care about the NBA and think the professional game is unwatchable, but it's gotten better in the last few years, and I wonder what the effect of the new-style/throwback Suns/Supersonics is going to have on the playoffs. That being said, KG is one of my favorite NBA players too. His passion is unquestioned, his desire to win is obvious, and his skills have left me with my mouth open many times. However, last year was the Wolves' opportunity, and they couldn't get it done over Shaq and Kobe (and I don't think they would have beaten Detroit). I don't think the Wolves' failures this year should be blamed on KG though. He's been injured for much of the season, yet still playing on his bum knee. Spreewell and Cassell are old and are playing like it. Great teams typically have at least two stars (MJ and Scotty; Shaq and Kobe), and the Wolves need to pick up another one. Big men have a longer shelf-life in the Association than guards do, so I don't think that KG has lost any chance he had of winning a championship. Still, the Wolves need to pick up someone that is really going to help KG, whether through the draft (McCants?), free agency, or a trade.

posted by John Branch @ 9:43 PM

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