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Thursday, April 07, 2005

More Billy Packer (yes, he still sucks)

Joey at Straight Bangin' took notes on Billy Packer's calling of the Final Four games last Saturday (I heartily endorsed his opinion of Packer a few days ago).
7:41: More rooting: Billy is livid over what he saw as an egregious "no-call" that should have given the Illini a trip to the free-throw line. Back in reality, I am now pleading with my friends to put the television on mute so that the delusional man who has hijacked the telecast stops ruining my night. . . .

10:06: There is no taste worse than the Domino's pizza you vomit back up into your mouth after being disgusted by Billy Packer's ineptitude. Sadly, though, I contemplate trying to choke on the regurgitated mess. At least my suffering would cease.
(scroll down to get to the Packer section) Great stuff.

I think Joey is right regarding Packer being a conservative with respect to basketball. Billy strikes me as the type of person that would ban the dunk if he could. Sorry Billy---Hoosiers is a great movie, but basketball has evolved since then.

Thank goodness I don't have to listen to Packer again for the next seven months, though it's a high price to pay to not see Carolina basketball.

UPDATE: There is a great roundup of anti-Packer sentiment over at the Basketblog, who is now doing more than just basketball.

posted by John Branch @ 8:25 AM

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