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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ridiculous TV Programming

So Cleveland and New Jersey are both playing for their playoff lives tonight at 7:00. It would be reasonable for, say, a certain sports channel with initials something like EPSN to televise at least one of the games, wouldn't it? Or for TNT to take a night off of its daily three-hour Law & Order marathon? But instead, we get treated to an hour of Stephen A. Smith and company, and more Law & Order than I could ever handle. While I like Smith, I want to see the games. Even worse, the Pacers-Bulls and Hawks-Sixers games are being televised when the Cleveland and New Jersey games are on. It's the [Jim Mora voice] PLAYOFFS [/Jim Mora voice] for goodness sake. Televise the meaningful games. (ed: Don't the playoffs start on Saturday? Yeah, but these two teams are both playing must win games to get in. This makes those games unofficial playoff games.)

posted by John Branch @ 7:32 PM

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