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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

South Now on the 2005 Virginia Gubernatorial race

South Now, a blog by the Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life at UNC, has a long post on the gubernatorial race taking place in Virginia. (Disclaimer: I took a couple of great classes with Dr. Thad Beyle, one of the professors who works in this Program.) The two main-party candidates are Jerry Kilgore, Republican former Attorney General, and Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine. Of course, as South Now points out, politics is never simple or easy.
But it’s independent Russ Potts, a Republican-turned-independent state Senator from Winchester, that could be the most colorful, and potentially dangerous candidate in the race. Although his website is not yet up, observers expect that Potts, who recently survived an attempt by state Republicans to strip him of his committee assignments in the Senate, to attract attention with his colorful comments and willingness to buck the Republican party. Claiming a “vision for Virginia” Potts is running on a message that critiques what he calls the “extremist wing” of the Republican party, and instead offers a non-ideological approach to government.
What is it with state-level Republican parties in the South that makes them fight among themselves instead of coming together to win elections (see also Dan Morgan and the NC Republican Party)? So much for that vaunted southern advantage for the Republican Party.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I found the South Now post via Ed Cone.

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