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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Truer words may never have been spoken

"Bowie over Jordan. Kobe over Shaq. Dr. Buss, welcome to infamy."

Taken from the beginning of Straight Bangin's lllooooonnnnnggggg (I'm talking about Bill Simmons-length) post giving out his NBA season ending awards.

I couldn't read his post without thinking about Ralph Wiley and Road Dog covering the NBA. I really miss Wiley's coverage. I am not the type of person that will buy the NBA Season Pass, but I enjoy watching the games and following the coverage of those who are passionate about it (this explicitly excludes Dick Vitale and Billy Packer with regards to college basketball). Wiley was honestly passionate about the NBA, a passion that waned in the last five or eight years among the general public but seems to be coming back. Joey seems to have that passion, and it shows in his writing. But Tracy McGrady? McGrady! Over Garnett? You've got some explaining to do. . .

Random side note: Here's hoping Charlotte does as well with its two first-round picks this year (if I remember correctly they get Cleveland's first-round pick) as Chicago did with theirs in 2004 (Deng and Gordon).

posted by John Branch @ 7:45 PM

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