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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The guys at the Basketblog are darn good and have there stuff together. Yes, Mitch Albom is getting a pass from his employers. Let's see why.

Albom is the only reason anyone reads that paper! He's a best-selling author. If he was John Doe writing some stories on drug use, he would have been fired. But, the newspaper men in Detroit are not going to fire the cash cow. Not going to happen. Detroit has very few positive attributes nationally. The Red Wings? Nope, hockey is dead. The Tigers? Nope. The Lions? Hell no. UNC-Detroit? Yes. Anything else since Motown slipped into oblivion? Nope, except for Mitch. Thus, the "Save Mitch" drive going on down at the Free Press. I can't say I'm surprised. The interesting question is, "If the Free Press fired Mitch, would the News pick him up since he's the best writer in the state?" Luckily, the News need not worry itself with this ethical dilemma since they know Mitch won't be on the market. If they thought there was a chance he'd be available, rest assured that News story would not have been so hard on ol' Mitch.

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