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Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Tennis in Paris

This week has been a sad one for American tennis fans. The Agassi loss in the opening round at Roland Garros may spell the beginning of the end to a career that has been magical. Then, as if this wasn't bad enough, Andy Roddick, the great male hope for American tennis, lost as well.

As Agassi's career has waned, I have lost interest in men's tennis personally. It has been some time since I last picked up a tennis racquet myself. I used to play as much as 5 hours a day as a teenager. I would walk 18 holes of golf in the morning and then play 2 sets in the afternoon and 2 sets at night. Those days are gone - in many respects out of necessity, but also due in small aprt to the general decline in American tennis.

All that matters in the tennis world now (as far as I am concerned) is for Maria Sharapova to keep winning. As long as she's winning, people (including yours truly) will tune in to watch.

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