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Monday, May 02, 2005

BCS Mess

The BCS drives football fans crazy every fall. The BCS has made some changes recently, but these cosmetic fixes will have little overall effect.

The significant change is in making it easier for the non-BCS conferences to get a team into the mix. Last year, Utah from the Mountain West became the first non-BCS school to crash the party. Of course, this new evaluation process – which will look not to the BCS ranking of each conference champ from previous years but rather to the conferences’ overall strength – weighs in favor of the BCS leagues. So, needless to say I’m skeptical.

The move to make things easier on Notre Dame is also of concern to me. As long as the Irish get sweetheart deals like this new one from the BCS there will be no move to get the Irish into a conference (where they belong). The Irish will automatically get a BCS bid if they are ranked in the top 8 and will get BCS money whether they get a BCS bid or go 0-11. That’s just dumb.

posted by Rhodenhiser @ 11:26 AM

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