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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

NBA Playoffs

Work has been pretty brutal recently, so I've been bringing work home most nights, where my routine has been to turn on the playoffs after I finish and relax watching the end of the early game and the beginning of the late game.

Joey wonders if anyone in the Eastern Conference can stop the Suns. While I share his sentiment, I think Phoenix has a few weaknesses. First, while the team is in great shape due to their style of basketball, their bench is thinner than a supermodel on a coke binge. They rotate seven players on a consistent basis. If Nash goes out, they're done. The playoffs get more chippy (aka "gully") as they go on, and Nash is going to get hammered a few times. If Phoenix takes on San Antonio in the Western Conference Finals, as expected, Ray Allen can explain what Bruce Bowen will probably do to Nash. Plus, with Phoenix's bench so short all those little aggravating nicks and bruises hurt them worse than almost anyone else. Oh, and Tony Parker has abused Steve Nash this year. While the Suns have played spectacular basketball so far in the playoffs, especially considering their limited playoff experience, I think that the series with the Spurs will go at least 6, and that the Spurs will probably win it.

That being said, Detroit probably does match up better against Phoenix than anyone else. Phoenix is going to be scary when they add a couple of bench players this summer.

Random side note: Shaq looked like he was really limited tonight due to his thigh bruises. Also, the refs seem to be protecting Ray Allen tonight, at least halfway through the first quarter. Bowen already has two fouls, and they just called one on Manu.

posted by John Branch @ 9:42 PM

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