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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reporting on Women in Law

If I was a lawyer at Smith Moore, I wouldn't be very pleased with the way this article reads. Basic gist? One female lawyer left because of the long hours and one who stayed chose not to have kids. The article is talking about the legal profession and women, but the only negatives in the article are attributed to a former Smith Moore associate and a current partner. A Kilpatrick Stockton partner said she made partner and had kids with neither "life decision" weighing on the other. As bad as this story is for Smith Moore, it's good for Kilpatrick Stockton. The reporter really should have talked to some female attorneys at more than two firms in order to get a better feel for this issue, especially as it exists in the Triad. While I don't have any insight into this issue or these two firms, I would be willing to bet the concerns raised by the Smith Moore lawyers are common throughout the profession and the writer could have found another woman at another firm so as not to appear to "come down" on Smith Moore. On the other side of the coin, if there is a problem at that firm as pertains to retaining female attorneys, maybe it should be looked into further.

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