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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NBA Finals

As usual, go to End of the Bench for great commentary on the Finals and Phil Jackson's return to the Lakers. I didn't see Phil going back, and I am curious as to how that soap opera is going to work itself out. I also wonder how his hiring will affect LA's pick in the upcoming draft.

It was nice to see the kind of energy from the Pistons last night that they displayed. It's mystifying, though, why they can only summon it when their backs are against the wall (Ben, Rasheed, I am looking at you). I'll be honest though---if the game was called more tightly, the outcome would have been different. I can't think of a Finals team in recent history that is more affected by how games are called by the Pistons. If the game is called tight, they can't be physical and play their aggressive style of defense. In other words, if the game is called tight, they lose. If it's called like last night, they have a chance to win if they bring their best game. Maybe I'm off-base on this, but it's not a situation where the officiating affects only the personnel in the game, it seems to affect the style they play. The Spurs can adjust better than the Pistons can, and, thus, can play better when the game is called tight. If the officials call another game tight, the series is probably over.

posted by John Branch @ 8:08 AM

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