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Saturday, June 25, 2005

SCOTUS Vacancy?

Red State is reporting that Judiciary Committee staffers are being told to clear their calendars for next week and to focus on potential SCOTUS nominees.

Hat tip: RR

posted by John Branch @ 12:15 PM

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

PETA Re-defined

I guess PETA doesn't stand for what I thought it did. Maybe it should be People for the Euthanasia of Tons of Animals. Two NC counties are no longer handing over animals to PETA because the organization has been killing those pets instead of finding them new homes.

posted by Rhodenhiser @ 4:34 PM

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Third time wasn't the charm

There was a nice nugget about Roy Williams in Sports Illustrated's article on the Lakers re-hiring Phil Jackson.
"Roy Williams turned us down for the third time," Kupchak said of his attempts to talk with the North Carolina coach. "That's a Los Angeles record."
Unlike another coach, he turned them down with absolutely no publicity.

Hat tip: RR

posted by John Branch @ 7:45 AM

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NBA Finals

As usual, go to End of the Bench for great commentary on the Finals and Phil Jackson's return to the Lakers. I didn't see Phil going back, and I am curious as to how that soap opera is going to work itself out. I also wonder how his hiring will affect LA's pick in the upcoming draft.

It was nice to see the kind of energy from the Pistons last night that they displayed. It's mystifying, though, why they can only summon it when their backs are against the wall (Ben, Rasheed, I am looking at you). I'll be honest though---if the game was called more tightly, the outcome would have been different. I can't think of a Finals team in recent history that is more affected by how games are called by the Pistons. If the game is called tight, they can't be physical and play their aggressive style of defense. In other words, if the game is called tight, they lose. If it's called like last night, they have a chance to win if they bring their best game. Maybe I'm off-base on this, but it's not a situation where the officiating affects only the personnel in the game, it seems to affect the style they play. The Spurs can adjust better than the Pistons can, and, thus, can play better when the game is called tight. If the officials call another game tight, the series is probably over.

posted by John Branch @ 8:08 AM

For a friend of mine

Snake: Your marriage may be in jeopardy.

posted by John Branch @ 7:48 AM

Monday, June 13, 2005

This article may save your life if you go to the beach

NYT: Stalking a Killer That Lurks a Few Feet Offshore
When people think about natural hazards, they usually think about tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes. But there is another natural hazard that takes more lives in an average year in the United States than any of those - rip currents.

Each year in American waters, rip currents pull about 100 panicked swimmers to their deaths. According to the United States Lifesaving Association, lifeguards pull out at least 70,000 Americans from the surf each year, 80 percent from rip currents.

Because these drownings and near drownings occur one by one, year-round, up and down the coasts, few people recognize rip currents as a major hazard. Only in recent years have meteorologists and coastal geologists begun to measure rip currents precisely in the field and model them in detail in laboratory wave tanks.

James: Are you listening?

Hat tip: Silflay Hraka.

posted by John Branch @ 5:38 PM

Katie Holmes

I once was a big fan of Katie Holmes (and not necessarily for her acting ability). Not anymore. She has officially jumped the shark. What a freaking joke.

Hat tip: RR.

I was in Cincinnati last week for work and had a nasty cold this weekend, but am getting over it. Gradually.

posted by John Branch @ 5:23 PM

Monday, May 30, 2005

Site Maintenance

Comments aren't working right now for some reason. I am going to try to take a look at it tonight and see what's wrong. The site needs an overhaul, but I've been putting it off as long as I could. Its time may have come though.

posted by John Branch @ 8:48 PM

Memorial Day

There's a good op-ed on Memorial Day in the New York Times today authored by a Marine who served in the first Gulf War.

posted by John Branch @ 8:47 PM

Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Tennis in Paris

This week has been a sad one for American tennis fans. The Agassi loss in the opening round at Roland Garros may spell the beginning of the end to a career that has been magical. Then, as if this wasn't bad enough, Andy Roddick, the great male hope for American tennis, lost as well.

As Agassi's career has waned, I have lost interest in men's tennis personally. It has been some time since I last picked up a tennis racquet myself. I used to play as much as 5 hours a day as a teenager. I would walk 18 holes of golf in the morning and then play 2 sets in the afternoon and 2 sets at night. Those days are gone - in many respects out of necessity, but also due in small aprt to the general decline in American tennis.

All that matters in the tennis world now (as far as I am concerned) is for Maria Sharapova to keep winning. As long as she's winning, people (including yours truly) will tune in to watch.

posted by Rhodenhiser @ 2:52 PM